Cracking the global business code.

Culture clashes, global business communication and cross-border teamwork.

Cross-border teamwork means working in projects and processes with people from other business backgrounds. Today people work closely together in teams with others they hardly ever meet.

How can people from different cultures work more effectively together?

Colin Moon aims to reduce possible confusion and frustration by examining the principal areas which, sooner or later, affect the way we do business together.

How do we make decisions? What are our expectaions of managers and leaders? How do we take part in meetings? How do we handle time and deadlines? How do we give feedback? How do we express ourselves? How do we use English to commucniate? How do we organise teams? 

Colin encourages us, in his inimitable humoristic style, to examine ourselves and question our own way of thinking. Self-perspective is the key to more understanding of how others do it. 

This talk is designed to help us increase our intercultural awareness in the workplace. Colin invites us to a smorgasbord of possible explanations, thought-provoking theories and spot-on examples.

Language: English

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