As speaker, my mission is to give an insight into all aspects of cross-cultural business communication, from international leadership to cross-border teamwork.

I have worked in an international environment all my professional life. I speak primarily to international audiences. However I do speak fluent Swedish and give talks in Swedish when asked to.

- How to crack the Nordic Code

The four business cultures in the Nordic area – similarities and differences which affect performance in a Nordic team. In many companies and institutions there is a Nordic organisation - ‘Four countries, one company’. Nowadays, the Baltics often a part of the group, and this extended organisation opens for more cross-cultural teamwork. What’s more, the Nordics often come under the umbrella of Northern Europe. The need for a better understanding of cultural differences becomes greater and greater.

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A few words from an appreciative client:

“Colin Moon is well-known for his unique, relaxed and humoristic style which adds a warm, personal element to conferences.”

”He is well-known for being humoristic and energetic, yet respectful and gentle. He gets his message across in an amusing way and audiences worldwide appreciate his sense of irony, his timing and his gentlemanly manner."