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Swedes are somewhat obsessed with meetings! If there’s a meeting Swedes will go to it. It’s a national hobby.
This little book is all about the Swedish meeting culture.
They go to meetings because that’s what they do. They run from the Monday morning meeting to the customer meeting and from there to a lunch meeting followed by an information meeting. If they’re lucky they can squeeze in a pre-meeting and a crisis meeting all before lunchtime.
25 pages about Swedes and meetings – topics include: måndagsmöte, informationsmöte, fikarum, förankringsprocessen, the kick-off, the lunch meeting and förmptet, the meeting before a meeting.
This book is an ideal gift for Swedes to give their international colleagues at conferences, kick-offs and meetings. Language. English

       Sweden – the Secret Files

Over 200.000 copies sold worldwide!

The amusing little book gives you an insight into things Swedish. Things Swedes themselves think are quite normal, quite sensible, and quite logical. The rest of us often find them amusing, entertaining and at times simply quite odd.

I wrote this book for the 99.86% of the world’s population who are not Swedish. First published in 2000 and now revised and updated, the book has helped to spread the word - that Swedes are not quite as normal as they think they are.

Written with warmth, humour and a lot of love.

Written in English, this is an ideal gift for Swedes and their international contacts both professional and private.

Language: English


In the Secret Garden of SwEden

"Before I ever set foot in Sweden I knew for sure that Swedes were socialists, that they drank themselves to death and that they had sex anywhere at any time. Now that I’ve been here for a few years I know that only one of these is true", says the author.
In Sweden in the early 80s all the good things in life were either immoral, illegal or heavily taxed."

"I came to a land where supermarkets covered over weak beer with a blanket at 8pm, where the highlight of Saturday evening's TV entertainment was Anslagstavlan and where it was illegal to shower after 10pm at night."

"In the early 90s Sweden was still a land where it cost as much to fly from Stockholm to Göteborg as it did over the Atlantic, a land where Swedes spoke quietly on the telephone and where people wore gloves as early as October. 20 years later Swedes are still convinced they are nothing special, rather dull and simply quite ordinary.

Do not let them fool you. They are just as weird and wonderful as they have always been. They just need a little help to show it. Welcome to the garden, the beautiful, blossoming garden of SwEden."

Puzzles & Pleasure

En rolig och matnyttig bok som förenar nytta med nöje och är uppdelad i två olika delar: Puzzles & Pleasure.

Puzzles=  trivsamma, nyttiga och roliga “fylleriövningar“ så att du kan stämma av och förkovra dina egna och dina medarbetares kunskaper i aktuell affärsengelska.

Pleasure=  korta, underhållande anekdoter och reflektioner kring olika nationaliteter, språkbruk och lite om svenskhet och svengelska.  Koppla av och skratta åt alla tokigheter som förekommer i denna globaliserade värld. 
- Alla är vi konstiga i någons ögon, säger Colin själv.

Puzzles and Pleasures är en behändigt inbunden bok på drygt 100 sidor med spiralrygg så att du lätt läser den överallt. Illustrationerna är gjorda av den mångfacetterade konstnären Leif Jacobsson och hela boken är utformad av en av Sveriges mest kända formgivare, John Eyre. Med andra ord ett konstverk i många betydelser.